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What is Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program?

The cloud opportunity is huge, and HPE and Microsoft are partnering together to help you go after it with us. The Cloud Solution Provider program allows you to sell Microsoft cloud services along with your own offerings and services.

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Licensing Choices for Microsoft Azure

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Why should I pick HPE as my Microsoft Cloud Provider?

As an Indirect Reseller, you deal with your CSP Partner (HPE) and not Microsoft. You can rely on HPE’s experience and infrastructure to do most of the heavy lifting. This scenario is by far the most popular, accessible and the fastest way to go to market. It’s a great option for resellers.

Hybrid Cloud Can Deliver On-Demand Infrastructure

Global, faster and frictionless time to market with worldwide coverage, multi-currency billing & reporting.

Hybrid Cloud Can Deliver On-Demand Infrastructure

No upfront investment needed to establish cloud business with Microsoft CSP. Access to rebates, margins and investments for reselling Microsoft CSP.

Hybrid Cloud Can Deliver On-Demand Infrastructure

HPE Foundation Care support included in monthly Azure Subscription spend. Plus, access to Foundation Care, Datacenter Care, Flexible Capacity, and bespoke operational support. No need to setup your own L1/L2 help desk.

HPE Makes IT Easy to Resell Azure Stack

Global, faster and frictionless time to market

  • Access to global and regional cloud proof of concept investments
  • HPE global country coverage, multi-currency billing/reporting in most countries
  • Best performance and compliance advice from experts in CSP, EA, SPLA licensing
  • Rebates from Microsoft

No CSP direct upfront investment required (Approx.$235k)

  • Vendor usage reporting, payments, renewals, rebates and incentive management
  • Automated provisioning and billing process
  • Access to Azure Architects
  • Access to customer GTM (Go-To-Market) campaigns, sales toolkits and resources

Inclusive support for Azure Stack and Azure Public

  • HPE Foundation Care included in your monthly Azure Subscription spend
  • No need to setup your own Azure L1/L2 help desk
  • Access to customer implementation and migration support
  • Access to resell and support HPE flexible capacity solutions

Microsoft CSP Program

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How to get started?

The HPE Indirect CSP program allows its channel partners to easily onboard their customers via Microsoft CSP licensing to offer Microsoft Cloud Products. The CSP lets partners set their own prices and profit margins for reselling Office365, M365 and Azure, three of Microsoft most popular products. The program has no restrictions regarding company size, location or your level of competence. In other words, partners can join from anywhere in the world and with any number of employees, even if you’re a newcomer to cloud solutions.


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